Lifetime Engine Warranty

Why should I buy a car that comes with Castrol ® Protection Plus?
• It's PEACE OF MIND for one of life's biggest investments!
• Because your dealership believes in Castrol's most advanced Full-synthetic EDGE ® Professional motor oil!

What does Castrol Protection Plus include?
• A FOREVER limited warranty that covers your engine from oil-related mechanical failure or abnormal wear, simply by installing Castrol EDGE Professional motor oil every 6 months or 5,000 miles.
                         NOTE: Castrol EDGE Professional is only available at new car dealerships
• 24-hour Roadside Assistance from Nation Safe Drivers

How do I keep my coverage valid?*
• Have Castrol EDGE Professional motor oil installed by your dealership every 6 months or 5,000 miles*.
• Maintain copies of oil-change service receipts. Receipts must indicate the dealership name, date of service, odometer, showing that Castrol EDGE Professional motor oil was installed and price paid.

*Refer to Terms & Conditions for complete details.

When does my Roadside Assistance coverage start?
• Roadside Assistance is in effect immediately.
How long is my Roadside Assistance in effect?
• With every Castrol ® EDGE ® Professional oil change, it is in effect for 6 months
Are there any additional benefits besides the Roadside Assistance?
• Yes, it includes the following: Travel Discounts, Automotive Discounts, Theme Park Discounts, Rewards Mall, RV Rental Discounts & more. Call Nation Safe Drivers at 1-800-338-2680 for complete details.

Forever Engine Warranty
& Roadside Assitance
6-month membership with Nation Safe Drivers

24-Hour Towing Service
Up to twenty five (25) miles at no out of pocket expense to you. Additional mileage is available and will be negotiated prior to sending out a service vehicle. Additional mileage is to be paid by you directly to the service provider at the time of service.
24-Hour Tire Change Service
Includes changing a flat tire with your good spare.
24-Hour Emergency Battery Service
Includes tightening or cleaning of cables, jump starts, and minor adjustments to alternator.
24-Hour Lost Key Service
We will send a locksmith if you are accidentally locked out of your covered vehicle. Access to passenger compartment only.
Map Routing Service
We will furnish you with detailed customized routings to get you where you want to go. Call toll free 1-800-338-2680.
24-Hour Emergency Delivery*
Including gasoline, water, oil, or any supplies necessary to send your covered vehicle on its way.
24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance Benefits*
Any available road service that is needed to get your vehicle running (i.e hose replaced, tighten cables or belts, etc.)
24-Hour Mechanical First Aid
Customers are entitled to any service requiring minor adjustments (exclusive of parts) to enable a disabled vehicle to proceed under its own power, where available.
Rental Car Discounts
Customers are entitled to take advantage of our rental car discount codes and pre-negotiated group rates which are honored at thousands of locations, US & abroad.
Theft And Hit & Run Protection
A $500 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for Hit & Run damages or stealing customers' vehicles.
*You are responsible for the actual cost of fluid, parts or supplies delivered.


Only the following listed engine parts are covered:

·Pistons and Rings ·Crankshaft & Bearings
·Turbo Bearings ·Valve Lifters
·Timing Chains ·Rocker Arms and Pivots
·Cylinder Lining or Bore ·Distributor Drive Gear
· Oil Pump ·Wrist Pins & Bushings
·Rods and Rod Bearings ·Timing Gear or Sprockets
·Balance Shafts & Push Rods ·Valve Stems & Guides
(Grinding adjustments excluded)
·Cam Shaft & Bearings  

This warranty is subject to all of the following conditions and exclusions:
1. It does not cover vehicles modified for, or used in, competitive events.
2. It only covers factory-installed or OEM-specified engine parts.
3. It does not cover claims that are the result of collision, negligent or intentional abuse, improper installation of any part, coolant contamination, or the failure to keep the motor oil and engine coolant at the levels prescribed by the manufacturer. BP Lubricants USA Inc. will not refuse payment for such claims that otherwise comply with the terms of this warranty, unless it demonstrates in good faith, that one or more of these causes resulted in the damage claimed.
4. It does not cover claims also covered by the vehicles manufacturer's warranty or any extended service contract. However, if you have otherwise complied with the terms of this warranty, BP Lubricants USA Inc. will pay the deductible amount to be paid by you under any extended service contract purchased by you which covers such a claim.
5. This warranty is void if at the time you applied for this warranty, your vehicle had in excess of 100,000 miles. In no event shall the liability of BP Lubricants USA Inc. exceed the fair market value of the covered vehicle. For vehicles under 100,000 miles, you must prove service was performed in accordance with vehicle manufacturer's recommendations for applicable driving conditions and dealership must provide copy of Vehicle Inspection Checklist.