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  • Chris Denny
    General Manager
    865-970- 2300

    Chris Denny

  • Aliviya Ferguson
    Sales Administrator
    865-970- 2300

  • Trustin Hampton
    Sales Manager
    865-970- 2300

    Hire date: August 2007
    Why do I work at Airport Honda: I work at Airport Honda because we make the customer our #1 priority.  We are fortunate to provide a world class product while working for local East Tennessee owners.

    About Me: I spent eight years serving in the United States Army.  Originally from Ohio but living in Knoxville since 1995.  I'm married with two daughters.

    Why you should choose me:  I enjoy making the buying process enjoyable.  I value every customer at the dealership.  My goal is to make you an Airport Honda customer for life.

    Trustin Hampton

  • Joe Jemley
    Sales Manager
    865-970- 2300

    Why do I work at Airport Honda?
    Love working for a locally owned company
    About Me:  I have worked at Airport Honda for almost 17 years and previously worked at Mazda of Knoxville for 13 years.  I live in Maryville with my wife Donna of 24 years.
    Joe Jemley

  • Daryl Casteel
    Sales Manager
    865-970- 2300

    Hire Date: 2014

    Why do I work at Airport Honda?  Great place to work and a great family owned company.
    About Me:  I started with Twin City Dealerships at our Nissan store and was transferred to Honda in 2014.
    Why you should choose me:  Honest, Ethical and have high Integrity!
    Daryl Casteel

  • Geof Ryback
    Internet Director
    865-980- 2428

    Hire Date: May 2006

    Why do I work at Airport Honda?  Airport Honda has always provided me with the challenges that make work fun and the people that I work with are fun to work with, professional, knowledgeable and the best in the business.

    About Me:  I've been in the IT world for over 25 years.  I enjoy working with computers, websites and social media to make sure that you have a great experience online when looking for your next vehicle.

    Why you should choose me:  My staff and I will give you a fair price and a great experience purchasing your next vehicle.
    Geof Ryback

  • Brett Marriott
    Internet Sales and Leasing Consultant
    865-980- 2490

    Hire Date - March 2013

    About Me - I am a married father of two amazing kids.  I am a Christian that loves God and if it was not for him I would not be able to do what I do today

    Why I Work at Airport Honda -
    I have been in the car business since I was 19 and I truly enjoy it.  Airport Honda allows me to do what I love in an environment that helps me take great care of my customers.

    Why you should choose me -
    I will take care of you and treat you with respect before, during and after the sale.  At Airport Honda we will go above and beyond to take care of you and your family.

    Brett Marriott

  • Mark Morgan
    Business Manager
    865-970- 2300

    Hire Date:  11/01/2010

    Why do I work at Airport Honda?
    I believe we sell the best product and we are staffed to continue customer service after the sale.  I believe in the staff that supports all our customers.
    About Me:  I have lived in Knox/Blount County all my life.  I enjoy traveling with my wife.  I enjoy my children, grandchildren and my furry children.
    Why you should choose me:  As a salesperson and now in finance I carry on the same personal customer service to make sure that our customer is always taken care of and trusts us to send their friends and family to us.

    Mark Morgan

  • John Pastirko
    Business Manager
    865-970- 2300

    John Pastirko

  • LaMarcus Thompson
    Business Manager
    865-970- 2300

    Hire Date :October 2011

    Why do I work at Airport Honda?

    I work at Airport Honda because it is a great environment for workers and customers to come together for the best car buying experience they can possibly have.  With Airport Honda  being part of the Twin City Family of Dealerships we are locally owned and operated.  We harp on customer service and I enjoy helping customers to the utmost degree and having them leave happy and satisfied.

    About Me:
    I grew up in Atlanta, GA.  I was a two time all state linebacker and second team all american.  I got a scholarship to the University of TN to play football which was what brought me to the great state of TN.  From 2006 - 2008 I played special teams and from 2009 - 2010 I started as linebacker.  I played well enough to get with the Atlanta Falcons but was released and that was when I started working at Airport Honda.

    Why You Should Choose Me:
    You should choose me because I will show you the best sales experience possible. 
    LaMarcus Thompson

  • Gina Pierce

  • Nancy Minton

  • Glenda Storie
    865-970- 2300

  • Kevin Coffman
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Hire Date : March 2002

    Why do I work at Airport Honda?
    It is a great organization to work for. They have a platform that I can better serve my clients. They are family owned and management is there to help me be successful and meet my personal goals.

    About Me:
    I am married and the father of two boys and recently achieved grandfather status. Graduate of Gibbs High School, 15 year member of the Bearden Chapter of BNI. I have been awarded  American Honda's Council of Sales Leadership for 17 years and  for the last 10 years have achieved Gold Master Status .  For the last 3 years I have been awarded top performer with American Honda Motor Company.  I have been been the salesperson of the Year at Airport Honda for 15 years. Member of Fairview Baptist Church. 

    Why You Should Choose Me:
    I have a high level of integrity, I'm honest, service driven and accessible. My high level of trust and professionalism has allowed me to assist over 3000 clients with more than 4500 automobiles purchased from me at Airport Honda.  I'll be here when you need something in service or you need another automobile. I have had the highest customer satisfaction scores year after year.
    I will be your automobile resource for all your automobile needs.

    Kevin  Coffman

  • Megan Miller
    Assistant to Kevin Coffman

  • Jeffrey Johnston
    Customer Service Specialist


    Hire Date: 4/2019

    Why do I work at Airport Honda? I work for Airport Honda for many reasons, but the main reason is the people.  From top to bottom, GM to detail, we work as a team and you don't find that at every dealership

    About Me: I've been in sales for 30 years including the auto industry for 12 years.  I moved to Tennessee in 2017 and absolutely love it.  A day in Cade's Cove is never a wasted day.  I have three adult children on the west coast and three here in Tennessee.  I married a local Tennessee girl in September of 2019 and have never been happier.  GO VOLS!!!

    Why you should choose me: I have a little different view on car sales.  I am a no nonsense straight forward black and white salesman the will tell you the good bad and ugly of a car or a car deal.  Having worked in sales, finance and Desk manager in the business it gives me a unique view of the business and sometimes I can find a solution where others may not.

    Jeffrey Johnston

  • Scott Ackerman
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

  • Bridget Carnley
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

  • Joey DeCarlo
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    865-970- 2300

    Hire Date 03/16/18
    Why do I work at Airport Honda: I enjoy the opportunity to help customers with their needs.  Whether its a new family starting out, a family expanding, a young adult with their first vehicle, or even for your business needs.  With Honda being such a great product it makes my job more rewarding knowing that my customers are getting the best product I can offer at a great price.
    About Me:  I am originally from Louisiana and love being outdoors, especially, on the water fishing, or on the pontoon boat relaxing and soaking up the sun.  I also love being in the mountains and enjoying the scenery and all it has to offer.
    Why you should choose me:  I treat my customers like I would want my family to be treated.  I know every customer is different and has certain wants and needs.  My job is to figure out what is important to you and would make you happy with your new vehicle.
    Joey DeCarlo

  • Jesse Gilbert
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Hire Date: June 2019
    Why I work for Airport Honda:
    I joined the award-winning team at Airport Honda because it is a family-owned company that offers a fun sales environment with an excellent selection of Honda vehicles and used cars alike.  Helping my clients find the best deal, while having fun at it, is what I do best!

    About Me:
    I come from 20+ years of hospitality and catering services, which lends me to deliver a client focused sales experience. I have sold Honda's since 2017 and relocated to East Tennessee in 2019 with my wife and three children. I am a member of the Lenoir City Bridge Chapter of BNI and I have been awarded to the American Honda's Council of Sales Leadership, achieving the Silver Membership status. I consistently challenge myself in my sales performance at Airport Honda. In my free time, I enjoy time at home with my family, billiards, and stabilized woodworking.

    Why you should choose me:
    I work for you. I have a firm belief that the client's satisfaction comes first. I excel in finding the best vehicle for you, within your budget by listening carefully to your wants and needs. I am proficient in making the process of purchasing your next vehicle a smooth transaction, and an enjoyable one. I also aim to be your salesperson for life- your "go-to" for sales, services, referrals, and needs regarding your next vehicle.

    Jesse Gilbert

  • Jay Haynes
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    865-970- 2300

    Hire Date: August 2008

    Why do I work at Airport Honda?
    I work at Airport Honda because of all the opportunities that sales has to offer.  Meeting new people every day is exciting and being able to assist new customers purchase a vehicle that will fit their needs and budget that is of outstanding quality and meets the safety standards they expect from a new car is very satisfying.

    About Me:
    I am 41 years old, psychology major who enjoys the free time with my 19 year old daughter and riding my motorcycle.  As a former chef I also enjoy cooking for people.

    Why You Should Choose Me:
    I am very knowledgeable about the Honda brand and most of the competition.  I enjoy my work and make my customers a priority.  I have been here for over 10 years and look forward to the next 10 years.

    Jay Haynes

  • Matthew Johnson
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    865-970- 2300

    Why do I work at Airport Honda? First and foremost I believe in the product.  My family has owned Hondas for over 30 years.  I am a true believer that we offer the best product out there.  Airport Honda has blessed me in many different ways.  Establishing camaraderie with both your co-workers and your customers in unique ways to really help people is the Airport Honda way.
    About Me:  I am a very lucky man because in my house I am surrounded by women!  My beautiful wife and 2 lovely daughters are my reason for everything I do.  In my spare time I enjoy golfing, hunting and fishing.
    Why you should choose me:  Simple, I believe in relationships.  Not just selling someone a car, but building a relationship where a customer can count on me to do more.  You can rely on me to take care of any issues that come up at any time.  You can count on me to treat your family and friends with the utmost respect and care.  I believe in people and helping them is what makes me happy and fulfilled.
    Matthew Johnson

  • Patrick Lawson
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    865-970- 2300

    Hire Date 05/21/18
    Why do you work for Airport Honda? I love meeting and getting to know people.  I enjoy helping people find their dream vehicle.  My coworkers are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  They truly make this a great place to work.

    About Me:  I was born in Knoxville and went to South Doyle High School.  I then attended Maryville College where I planned to be a physical therapist.  However, life happens and I found my way to Airport Honda.  I never thought that I would be a car salesman but I absolutely love it.

    Why you should choose me: I am a very friendly and understanding person.  I try not to be pushy or intimidating.  My previous customers come back to see me because I make it easy.  I am very no nonsense and straight forward.
    Patrick Lawson

  • Dirk Lipert
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

  • Kibbee McCoy
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    September 2019
    Why do I work at Airport Honda? We have a great team and a great product!  We believe in relationship selling and enjoy putting smiles on our guests faces.

    About Me:  Faith, family, friends and fishing- 
    I'm an avid outdoors-man who enjoys fishing, hiking and hunting.  My wife Kim and I have 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren.  We are also members at Alpha Baptist Church.

    Why you should choose me:  I will treat you like family.  Most people spend as much money on vehicles as anything they purchase except their homes, therefore you deserve respect and world class service.  I will work hard for you to make your experience world class!
    Kibbee McCoy

  • David Nye
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Hire Date: December 2017

    Why do I work at Airport Honda? I work at Airport Honda because of the product!  Honda has a great history for reliability, safety and they offer excellent value.  I know when customers purchase from me that they are getting a great vehicle.

    About Me:  I enjoy working with people and have never met a stranger.  My wife and I have raised our four children here in East TN.  I now have the great pleasure of having grandchildren.

    Why you should choose me:  My goal is to help my customers find the right vehicle that meets their needs and budget.  Then to offer excellent follow-up service so you will have no reservations to coming back and referring others to me who have similar needs.

    David Nye

  • Rick Ratliff
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    865-970 -2300

    Rick Ratliff

  • Dan Sanford
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    865-970- 2300

    Date of Hire April 2005

    Why do I work at Airport Honda? I have been a Honda owner since 1991.  I believed in the product long before I started working here.  The people are fantastic to work with.  Friendly, honest and hard working.

    About Me:  I have been married for 27 years and have two children.  I was born in Chicago, lived in Texas, Reno Nevada and here.  I worked in the restaurant business for 27 years before working here.  I have lived here for over 20 years and moved to Knoxville with the Ruby Tuesday group.

    Why You Should Choose Me:  I have 15 years experience at Honda.  This is the only dealership I have ever worked for.  I believed in Honda since 1991.  My wife owns an '07 Odyssey and had a Pilot before that.  I have had 5 Honda Accords total and currently drive an '09 Accord.  My daughter is 23 years old and her first car was a '99 Civic.  I trust my family's safety in Hondas.

    Dan Sanford

  • Greg Tapp
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    865-970- 2300

    Date of Hire : March 2010

    Why do I work at Airport Honda?
    I love the Honda reputation and working for a locally owned company.

    About Me:
    I enjoy hiking, shooting and camping.  Pretty much anything outdoors gets my attention.

    Why You Should Choose Me:
    I would like people to know that i have 30 plus years of auto sales experience and over 11 years with Airport Honda.  
    I listen to customers wants and needs and try to get an exact fit for their budget.  I also am there after the sale for questions, concerns and any maintenance or service issues.

    Greg Tapp